What is Corrizon Base?

Corrizon Base is water-based material that attach itself to the metal, penetrates the metal and creates protection layer on the metal surface. It has active substances that "extract" the free oxygen from the metal and prevent rust from developing.
Corrizon base is totally green - holding the American UL Greengaurd Gold certification (organization that aims to protect human health and reducing people’s exposure to chemicals and other pollutants).

Why should I use Corrizon Base?

The highest costs in time and money for any repair/maintenance schedule can usually be found in prep, equipment and labor. The single most obvious advantage for Corrizon Base is requiring less costs in each of the above resources. Depending on a contractor's region, sand blasting, hand tooling/grinding costs that meet or exceed standard preparation requirements (SSPC, NACE, etc.), all this will far exceed the price of a Corrizon Base treatment and related installation protocol.

What is the difference between rust converter and Corrizon Base?

Corrizon does a rust convertion process and then seets under the rust, prevents oxygen penatration and prevents new rust.

What materials can I use Corrizon Base on?

Corrizon Base can be used on all types of metal except copper.

Is rust required for the product to be successful? Or is it also effective on clean bare steel?

Corrizon Base can be applied on rusted steel or on clean bare steel.

How do I prepare the surface for application?

Good surface preparation will enable Corrizon Base to work effectively and leads to a high-quality end result. If degreasing is required, apply a liberal amount of degreaser before pressure washing. it is needed to pressure wash it carefully before applying.  If the surface is heavily rusted or pre-painted, clean it thoroughly using a high-pressure water cleaning - at least 500 bar) and remove all loose particles. There is no need to dry the surface before applying Corrizon Base. You can find more details here (link to CB-Application Bulletin)

How should I clean my application equipment after applying Corrizon Base?

Simply use soap and tap water for clean-up! Don't use any other solvents. For extremely cases, use hot water.

How is Corrizon Base applied?

For best results, apply Corrizon Base with airless sprayer and a brush. Use the brush for smaller applications. You can find more details here (link to CB-Application Bulletin)

Should Corrizon Base be thinned?

Corrizon Base should not be thinned and should be applied as it comes out of the container, after using a low-speed power agitator with a maximum speed of 500 rpm to mix it. In case of high viscosity, you can add tap water up to 5% by weight.

How much surface will one-liter cover?

One liter covers up to 20 sqm of rusted metal (theoretically) at 30-50 microns wet.

Is it necessary to paint over Corrizon Base?

Although it’s not required unless for astatic visible, if your surface is exposed to the outdoor elements, we highly recommend applying two coats of a quality water-based paint over Corrizon Base. It will definitely extend the protective qualities of the surface from adverse weather including rain, salt mist and direct sunlight.

What type of paint should I use to cover the Corrizon Base and after how long?

We recommend to paint with our top paint "HYBRID". As general use we can recommend top coats based on polyester and or acrylic modified, aliphatic polyurethane 2k. After the treated surface has dried for 24 hours, you may apply a top coat of your choice. You can find more details of our top paints here (link to "Products/top paints")

How many coats of Corrizon Base should I apply?

Only one coat of no more than 25-50 microns (WFT). Use a thickness gauge to check the thickness of the wet layer.

What is the shelf life for Corrizon Base?

Corrizon Base has a shelf life of 12 months. We rotate our stock frequently to assure that the freshest batches reach our customers.

At what temperature can I apply Corrizon Base?

 Apply product when the temperature is between 40 (oF) to 120 (oF) / 4.5 (oC) to 49 (oC) After completely drying, Corrizon Base can resist temperatures ranging between  -30 ºC to +200 ºC

What protective equipment is required?

The Corrizon base is harmless. While applying you need only Protective glasses and gloves. You can find Corrizon base GHS-SDS here (link to CB-SDS)

How does Corrizon Base need to be stored?

The recommended storage temperature is 4 ºC - 40 ºC. It’s best to store Corrizon Base out of direct sunlight at room temperature.

Is it possible to weld after applying Corrizon Base without harming the metal?

you can weld metal. it will not affect the quality. remember you have to apply Corrizon Base after welding on the welding seam for protection.

If the surface is already protected or covered by a coat or protective paint in a good condition, can Corrizon penetrate through it?

Yes. We have extensive test from Cal Poly Dan Luis Obispo that confirm (through SEM testing) interaction between Corrizon Base and existing paint and metal substrate, penetration not only occurs but in some tests, it is manages to permeate the full thickness of the metal test sheet. (link to Cal Poly test)          Make sure to remove any loos paints, Otherwise, the paint will be removed with the layer of the Corrizon base.

Can Corrizon base be applied on wet surface?

Yes, if the damp surface implies a non-pooling substrate. If there is pooling, waste will occur because it will dilute the waterborne Corrizon Base and will adversely affect the anti-corrosion properties.

Does Corrizon Base adversely affect any other materials such as plastic, rubber, silicone?

Not at all. This is part of our advantage. For example, if coating the chassis of a car, it will not harm the rubber or the isolation of any electric wiring.

What happens when the coating is breached/damaged and the metal below is exposed?

One of the best characteristics of Corrizon Base is that it will not allow corrosion transmission beyond the damaged area. Only the exposed/damaged metal will be affected by the environment and can be repaired with Corrizon Base as needed. It is a fairly durable coating and should withstand normal abrasions.