A steel warehouse construction which has not been treated in many years – only renewed the top layer in reachable areas. The rusty condition of the shed had to be treated immediately due to the mechanical strength of the metal itself. In November 2016, Treatment of the shed began and included pre-treatment with high pressure water jetting to remove loose rust and old paint that began to peel off.

No additional effort was made to remove the paint residues. Once the surface had dried, treatment with the Corrizon Base began. When the material dries, it becomes transparent, so we add red pigment to the surface material to ensure full application where the paint remains white. Once the base coat finished, the shed was painted with a top coat according to the customer's request. More than a year and a half later, the shed remains in good shape.


The Challenges:

This storage area requires availability 24 hours a day. The treatment of this complex old shed had to be carried out as quickly as possible. In addition, surface preparations by any abrasive blasting in this area was prohibited. as the surrounding environment was flammable, and all paints required a very low VOC. A long-term solution, using durable materials was required.


The Solution:

The surface preparation was done by high pressure water cleaning (100-200 bars) to remove all loose paint, mill scale and rust. Once the surface dried, the maintenance crew used Corrizon base coat over the stable rust and old paint. The product has lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ~0 enabling the crew to work free of any special protective equipment against fire. In the end, the product was returned to its original package for additional future uses. Twenty four hours later, they covered the Corrizon base layer with their common top paints on site. 


The Results:

The shed, with a full paint system is in very good condition. No signs of rust spots inside or outside the shed.  According to the site maintenance manager: "The paint system with the Corrizon Base is withstanding great and no any traces of rusty processes observed. The adhesion to the old paint is also very good".