Quality, Environment Health and Safety Policy 2020

GREEN ICPS places great value on providing a high- quality product for the removal and prevention of corrosion which is environment friendly and safe to use (does not contain hazardous materials, water-based), and which meets the client’s demands and expectations.

 To achieve this, our company maintains a combined system for the management of quality, environment, and occupational safety & health, according to the relevant standards while fulfilling all requirements according to law: ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001.

The company’s management is responsible for operating and implementing the system. The management considers its employees as an integral part of the implementation of quality systems and environmental safety. For this purpose, it will brief them on the various requirements via training and providing a personal example.

The company will act to mitigate the risks involved in the manufacturing process, as well as the environmental and safety effects of its activity, by using the best available technology, utilizing the adequate raw materials in the optimal manner, constant improvement of the manufacturing procedures to save on energy and water, and decreasing the amount of waste for removal, including sewage.

In the framework of the company’s activity, emphasis will be placed on production and related processes during the entire stages of manufacturing, delivery and removal, to ensure the safety of the workers at every stage of the process.

For the purposes of monitoring the quality system, the management will carry out the following activities:

  • Routine monitoring of the quality of raw materials/manufacturing processes and product supply
  • Detection of defects and inadequacies in real time, in order to mitigate risks and prevent them
  • Gathering data and analyzing it to achieve constant improvement
  • Assistance in optimal execution by authorizing contractors to work with the company’s products
    and accompanying projects as needed.


The Company’s Quality Objectives in the framework of its Commitment to Constant Improvement:

  • Providing a high- quality product, on time, to clients
  • Efficient production and maximal utilization of materials and energy
  • Preventing occupational and environmental hazards during the manufacturing and provision process


Ronen Redel, CEO